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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Lazaara is a trademark of MEZZ Holding LLC.
With Lazaara shopping is really fun! Our product range is huge - but what today is placed at Lazaara shop, may be sold out tomorrow. Lazaara is like a large shopping center with sensational prices, that you will help the products you like to discover. Lazaara is known for cheap prices and fantastic for a shopping experience. Quick purchase is the motto. The availability of items is updated every second, an article you've just seen can be sold in the next moment and is then automatically removed from the shop.
Lazaara helps shops and wholesalers to reach the right customer, and in turn, these users can personalize their shopping experience and easier to find the products that they like. Lazaara allows stores to reduce their advertising costs, and these savings then come the Lazaara - customers benefit!

Ask about our current offers!
Our product range includes more than 30,000 articles and daily you will find new offers in our shop. It is worthwhile to look at or to sign up for our newsletter more frequently in the shop. This brief update on new arrivals and the latest deals.

Why should I register at
Registration brings many advantages. So you can for example see the real prices or communicate with us. You can register for Lazaara via email, your Facebook profile or "Google +" Sign account, where you visit the page or Lazaara Mobile App downloading. Sign in with your preferred social network on . We will not abuse your data and do not disclose it to anyone.

What's "Add to wish List"?
By adding a product to the Wishlist, you give to understand that you like the product that you save it for a later purchase. If you share your Wishlist, your friends and your family can see what products you like.

Can I remove a product from a wishlist?
Of courseyou can do it! Find out how you remove a product from your wishlist:
1. Sign in to and go to your profile.
2. Click on the name of the wish that want the product that you remove contains.
3. Roll over the product and click on the "no longer want" button.

Is Lazaara safe?
Lazaara is a reliable partner to you can trust to law. Lazaara has million customers and we are always trying to offer the best fun at shopping. We want you to feel at Lazaara well. We give your private information never to third parties. All credit card payments and direct debits are processed via a secure server to protect your data. We also accept payments through numerous other services.

Help for my order?
For the fastest Help with your order, you can contact directly by chat in the shop. Employees in your language you will answer your questions. Should one be present, no employee, then your question to the support is passed, the answer you within a few hours.

How are Lazaara return policies?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your order, regardless of the reason, we are the problem as best we can solve.
To see the official Lazaara return-policy, visit:

How do I cancel my order?
If you want to cancel your order, you can do this on your Order History. You can cancel only articles that have not been sent by clicking the "Cancel Order" under each article you want to cancel.

I have canceled an order. How do I get a refund?
Lazaara is on your original payment method that you used for your order, be refunded. If you paid with credit or debit card, the amount paid will be refunded directly to your card. Please give the bank 5-7 days to transfer the money back to your account.
If the card has been canceled or has expired, please consult your bank, to inform them about the incoming reimbursement and to provide them with the information required to enable the payment to your new card or bank will be forwarded. If only your card number or the expiration date has changed, your bank should be able to handle the internally.
If you paid with a prepaid card, on the issuer can usually make a refund to the original map. Even if the original card is no longer available, the card-issuing body may possibly link a new card with the same account, if you have canceled your card number and sales confirmation (You can Lazaara's email confirmations as sales confirmations use). Please contact your card issuer for more information.
If you paid with PayPal, the amount paid will be refunded within the next 3 days to your PayPal account. You can log into your PayPal account in order to deduct the refund if it is not automatically posted to the cash used.
Note that Lazaara can refund your money back only on your original method of payment, and it is not possible for us to make refunds to another card, or another account with a different payment method, z. B. by check.

How do I return a product or exchange it to?
We want you're completely satisfied with the products you buy on Lazaara. Please To return or exchange a product, place a support request to our customer service team. We should answer your question within 1-2 days.

What can I do if my product is crashed or failed?
We want that the products you receive from Lazaara you like.. We're very sorry that the delivery does not match your expectations obtained. If you have received the wrong product or the product is not as described, you can contact our support team directly via your "Order History" page.

What payment methods accepted Lazaara?
You can complete your order by a variety of payment options. We currently accept payments with PayPal, debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard symbol and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cirrus and Maestro. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash payments, payments by cash or bank transfers. Note that the list of available payment methods can vary, depending on which country you find yourself least and which platform you are using.
All payments are made in the currency displayed for the order. If you are using to your credit card to pay in a foreign currency, please note that most banks allow you indeed - but it may be that they charge a fee for this service.

Calculated Lazaara additional costs?
Lazaara calculated only the purchase price and the shipping costs. We calculate neither customs, taxation, VAT. Other fees.
How do I remove the permission to carry out future payments from PayPal?
To remove the permission to carry out future payments to apps, log in below Under "My account" on "Profile". Then click on "My Settings" and click in the row "with PayPal login" to "Change". Remove the app from the list.

In which countries Lazaara shipped?

The products on Lazaara will ship worldwide, with a few exceptions!
If you use the mobile app, you can see the details of the delivery of the product if you scroll on the product side down.
If you're on the website, you can add to your cart and quickly check the availability in your cart the product.

How long does delivery take?
Your order will be the same or the next day after the order is dispatched it's the product as "available" is indicated in the shop. The delivery time depends on the shipping destination.
If you're accessing via your mobile app to Lazaara, you can see by you scroll on the product side down the estimated delivery time of the product.
If you access via the website to Lazaara, we see the expected delivery time is displayed immediately.

How much does the shipping cost?
Since the products are sold on Lazaara of stores around the world, the shipping per item is calculated. However, in order to calculate you very cheap shipping cost, we require a very reasonable total price for all your items ordered.
If you use the Mobile App, you can see the planned for the product shipping costs when you scroll on the product side down.
If you're on the website, you can add to your cart and quickly check the current shipping costs in your shopping cart the product.

From which country do I get my package?
That depends on the goods. We have warehousing in several European countries, in America, in Asia. We normally ship of this country what your country is closest.

Do I have to pay duty on my goods?
Also it depends on many factors. There are certain allowances in each country, how much it is in your country to bring in experience you have to yourself. We always try to send the goods in multiple packages to the unit price to minimize and to possibly prevent problems at customs. A guarantee of this, we can not give, of course.

Can I track my order?
If you want to quickly check the status or the expected arrival (ETA) of your order, you'll find this information on your "order details" page. Get on your Order History page and type then click Package tracking of the corresponding order.
If a tracking number. is available, your tracking page shows the expected date of arrival, the shipment tracking history, the tracking number. and a link to the side of the transport undertaking holds. If no tracking number. is available, your tracking page indicates restricted Tracking history and an expected arrival date.
If you have any further questions about the status or the estimated arrival time of your order, you can reach the shop directly from your "order details" page of
1. Find your transaction on the side.
2. Tap next to the transaction on "Contact Support".
3. Select the items you want to return.
4. Choose the theme "Shipping Status or ETA".
5. "Ask a Question" Describe your problem / question and tap.

So your question Lazaara -Support is passed, the answer you within a few business days.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Lazaara is for your pleasure here and we would never want you to receive unwanted e-mails. To unsubscribe from e-mails:
• from your computer: Please join in Lazaara and editing your e-mail settings on your Lazaara Settings page.
• from the app: Choose Settings> E-mails from the App menu
Makiere the appropriate fields to log out of the email notification list. Your changes are automatically saved.
Or when you get a newsletter is there a button "from newsletter unsubscribe"

How do I delete my account?
Sorry that you Lazaara not so much like. If you decide to delete your account, we invite you to come back and see if your expectations Lazaara corresponds better in a few months. Maybe you could be pleasantly surprised.

To delete your account:
When you are logged on Facebook:
To delete your account, you Lazaara Facebook can disable privileges. If you're at your computer:
1. Go to ..
2. Click the "x" on the far right in the row with "Lazaara" on the left side.

If you use to access from a mobile device:
1. Open your Facebook app.
2. Choose the menu symbol, the account settings.
3. Select "Apps".
4. Choose Lazaara. At the bottom of the screen there is a red button that says "remove Lazrra".
This will remove your account from Lazaara within the next 24 hours. Please note that your account will be automatically reactivated when you sign up after you delete your account at Lazaara.

When you sign up with an email or Google+:
You can delete them from your Settings page of your account. In the Mobile App: Tap Settings> Delete account. On the web page: Scroll to "Delete account" to finish the settings page and click.
You can also sign up directly on our side and then click Delete Account.

For further questions your Lazaara team you like is at your disposal under or via the chatroom.

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Lazaara Support